Products manufactured by Rhino Valves (Pty) Ltd

Rhino Valves (Pty) Ltd manufactures and markets a range of valves under the trade name Rhino. The range includes:

• A flanged or swaged pump strainer which is widely used in the pumping industry and agriculture
• A flanged foot valve which is a combination of a wafer check valve and the flanged pump strainer.

Rhino Agencies

• In 1992 Rhino Valves (Pty) Ltd was awarded the sole agency in South Africa for Valpres Valves from Italy, who manufacture to the requirements of ISO 9001.

This is a comprehensive range of ball valves being, 3-piece carbon steel and stainless steel full bore, stainless and carbon steel 1-piece full bore, 3-way stainless steel, cast iron flanged 16 Bar rated full bore and reduced bore, carbon steel and stainless steel flanged ball valves.

Rhino Valves (Pty) Ltd have had the wafer pattern carbon steel ball valve certified firesafe to BS6755 Part 2:1987 at the C.S.I.R. in Pretoria.

• In 1995 we were awarded the agency for "Valbia" Actuators from Italy, manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.

• We were awarded the agency for Rubinetterie Bresciane from Italy who manufacture to the requirements of ISO 9001.

This is a full range of cadmium-plated brass ball valves for a variety of applications.

• In October 1995 Rhino Valves was awarded the Agency for R.B.M. SPA from Italy, who also manufacture to the requirements of ISO 9001.

The product range consists of pressure reducing valves for water, oil, and gasses, filters, self-cleaning filters, air vents and large volume air vents.

• In May 2016 we were awarded S.A.G.A approval for our R.B.B. and valpres gas ball valves.

We are also carrying a large stock of ductile iron steam valves, screwed globe valves, non-returns and flanged globe valves, these are for ratings of up to 20 Bar saturated steam.

In addition to the above ranges we are distributors for a number of locally manufactured products, and act as agents for other importers.